Arespected and established performer, composer, teacher and instrument maker, John grew up steeped in the traditions of Southern England. His unique playing style and compositions convey a deep understanding and passion for indigenous culture.

As an experienced workshop leader and teacher, John’s knowledge, experience and enthusiasm combine to make him a much sought-after tutor in academic institutions, festivals and music-camps and academies. He has taught at venues and events including the Australian National Festival, Sidmouth Festival, Ashokan, Goldsmiths University and regularly teaches on the Folk Music degree course at Newcastle University and the World Irish Music MA Course at Limerick University.

John’s passion for vernacular music led to his degree dissertation focussing on the interpretation of field recordings, looking at intonation, tuning and expression.

With his knowledge of the construction and physics behind the workings of the violin and concertina, and his musical knowledge and approach, he is able to offer a unique insight into the world of music and music making.

John has recorded on several films including the Hobbit, and currently performs with the groundbreaking string quartet Methera, in a duo with superb singer and guitarist James Patterson, as well as performing in the English Acoustic Collective, and with Dave Malkin in the groundbreaking duo Dipper Malkin

He also works with renowned storytellers Hugh Lupton and Nick Hennessey. John has also taken part in many international collaborations with artists from Sweden, Quebec, France, Ireland, America, Hong kong, China, The Gambia and Finland.

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